Our Teams

Birchfield Harriers has teams in a wide range of competitions, from young athletes through senior track and field to road running.

Athletes Trio

In addition to the various leagues that we are part of, we also hold our own Birchfield Open Meetings each year at the Alexander Stadium. We are made up of many disciplines, that attribute to over a dozen competing Teams.

Our teams take part in Regional, National and International competitions ranging from U11 to Masters competitions.

Senior Men

Our senior men compete in Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Running events. Birchfield is in the premier division of the British Athletics League (BAL) a track and field male team’s competition.

Birchfield Harriers have been champions of this league for the last for years and have been the Great Britain representative in the European Champion Clubs Cup as a result of winning the league.  The Club has won the Premier League title in 1969, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1989, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Senior Women

The UK Women’s Athletics League is a track and field athletics competition for teams of women. It is the women’s equivalent of the men’s British Athletics League. The UK Women’s Athletics League was inaugurated in 1975. It consists of four divisions with up to 32 teams from across the United Kingdom. Birchfield Harriers are in the Premier Division and current runners-up.

Our ladies were the Premier League Champions in 2011, 2012 and 2016.

Cross Country

Birchfield Harriers has a strong tradition of cross country running across all age groups ranging from U11 to Masters. We have teams in all the Midlands leagues and have seen success at regional and national level. Currently we compete in the following leagues:

  • West Midlands Young Athletes Cross Country League

  • Birmingham and District First Division Cross Country League

  • Midland Women’s Cross Country League

We also take teams to regional and national championships.

Youth Athletics

Birchfield Harriers has teams for young athletes in Sportshall, type: embedded-entry-inline id: 48ZChrnqo5UyOc0KYwgSwB and Track and Field in the YDL League.

The Youth Development League (YDL) is a UK wide league with 5 regions; Scotland, North, Midlands / Wales and South and Northern Ireland. The League is supported by UK Athletics, the governing body of the sport.

The YDL is divided into two leagues:

  • YDL Upper for athletes in the U17 and U20 age groups (school years 10 to 13 including those slightly older but are still under 20 years old on 31st December in year of competition.

  • YDL Lower for athletes in the U13 and U15 age groups, (school years 6 to 9).

Birchfield Harriers compete in Premier Division of the Midlands Section of the League for both age groups. There are 3 rounds of competition  where all teams in the same division compete against each other in each round with a regional final each year for which the team has to qualify.


Male and female athletes aged 35 or over are classed as Masters and as such can enter and compete in the track and field league, regional and national road and cross country championships in their own age categories. Our objectives at Birchfield Harriers are to keep all masters informed of events taking place throughout the year and to encourage our masters members to represent their club and perform to their potential in their own particular age group in track and field, road and cross country races.

The club competes in the Midland Veterans Track and Field League – North Division.

There are events for both men and women in four age categories at each league meeting and in the cup final. The age groups are:

  • 35 to 39

  • 40 to 49

  • 50 to 59

  • 60 and over.

The events vary from meeting to meeting, with the younger age groups having more events.

Disability Athletics

Birchfield is proud of the achievements of past and present athletes at the Paralympic Games and always welcome new disabled athletes to the club. The stadium is fully accessible and plays host to a wide range of Disability athletics events across the year.

Road Running

The Road Runners welcome new members from complete beginners to international athletes. We vary in age from adolescent teenagers to “adolescent” old age pensioners. We enter a variety of races from 5k to marathon, but welcome fun runners who do not intend to race but who wish to improve.

We meet on a club nights, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and hit the road about 6.30pm. If you are new to the club and want to join us please come down about 6pm and ask for the road runners section. We normally form 3-4 running groups of slow, medium, to fast and run 30-60 minutes.

On a Sunday mornings we meet for a long run (10-12 miles). Feel free to come down and try us out. Club facilities include changing rooms, free weights gym, hot food and a bar.

If you are new to road running and interested in joining our group please contact Karon Jones. Her contact details are:

Training Group – Leader – Alex Davidson Elliott

Birchfield Harriers improvers Group’ This friendly group is for runners who have already done some running. This may include Park Runs, Race for Life or individuals who have just been out running 2-3 miles with friends or on their own and want the support, challenge and social aspect of joining a club. The group would welcome such runners, both male and female. We train twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings. The group meets at 6-15 in the club room for a 6.30 pm start.  Tuesday evenings are our interval sessions which may include hill runs, group relays, track sessions and pyramid runs. Thursday evenings are our steady runs which are normally between 4 and 5 miles at a 8-10 minute mile pace. No runner is left on their own. During the winter with the ‘dark nights’ our sessions are primarily on the road. However, during the summer months and the ‘light nights’ we are very lucky to have Sandwell Valley, Perry Park and the canal paths right on our doorstep. So come down, have a look, chat to us and give us a go. As you improve there are many other groups to progress on to. Alex L.I.R.F/group leader

Training Group – Leader – Rob Whitehouse

Our group, which is a female group, cover every event from 800 metres up to half Marathon, our main objectives are for our athletes to reach their potential, have fun, and to support our ladies road relay, cross country & track & field teams.

We are also catering for some sprinters at the moment with the objective of getting them fitter, running regularly and becoming enthusiastic Birchfield Harriers before moving on to another group.

Training Group – Leader – Val Carter

We are a group for runners that have had some running experience. We cater for runners doing between 7:00-9:00 minute per mile.

Starting at 18:30, Tuesday sessions usually focus on speedwork, hills repetitions, fartlek, or relays. Thursdays usually involve steady runs between 45-60 minutes.

Sundays are for long steady runs usually between 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes. The group will help runners improve their race times for 5k, 10k and half/full marathon times.

We try and encourage runners to take part in various events for the club including relay races, track events, cross country etc. We take part in various social & fun challenges. For example, the thunder run which is a 24hr running event, relays in Anglesea, Hadrians wall etc.

Training Group – Leader – Keith Boxley

This group caters for more experienced runners who are looking to improve their times across distances ranging from 5k to marathon. Many of the group regularly take part in road races, including the Road Runners GP and cross country. As a guide those in the group are typically capable of running 5k in around 19-22 minutes and a half marathon in 1 hr 25 – 1 hr 35.

Tuesday and Thursday training starts from the Alexander Stadium at 6.30pm. Tuesday training focuses on speedwork and hills and includes a monthly training session on the track at the stadium. Thursday runs are usually a one hour tempo run of 7 1/2 – 8 miles. We also meet on Sunday mornings where we usually join up with runners from other groups for a longer 90 minute run.

Training schedule

Training – Leader – Peter Dimbleby

This group is aimed at the experienced road runner who is trying to improve their performance over a range of race distances from 5K to Marathon – or to have fun while maintaining a good standard of fitness. Members of this group tend to have 10K race times of between 34 and 42 minutes.

We have a regular training programme devised which includes interval sessions, hill reps, threshold runs and longer easier runs. We run the majority of sessions on road in the winter and off road in the summer, but do include some track sessions.

Meeting on Tuesday and Thursday 6.30pm at Alexander stadium. Most weekends the group completes a longer run on Sunday mornings, the location varies but often goes from one of our homes to ensure coffee and cake is available afterwards. Many of the members take part in cross country races in the winter and track during the summer.

We also complete in some fun endurance events such as team adventure races, duathlons and many of us have undertaken long distance team relays such as circumnavigation of Anglesey and JonʼoʼGroats to Lands End.

Race Walking

Birchfield Harriers race walk section is a friendly group that has individuals and teams achieving success at every level. Training and competition for beginners, juniors, masters, and professional athletes.

Coach Mo Graham has many decades of experience, with athletes coached at all levels.

Training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7:30pm. Extra training also takes place sometimes on Saturday mornings.

Newcomers, beginners, and athletes from other disciplines are welcome to come along and have a try.

The race walking section win many medals and trophies, and new members won’t have to wait long before they win their first medal, whatever their age or level of fitness.

Current Competitions/Leagues we participate in:

  • Beginners Events

  • Open Events

  • Chris Smith Schools League

  • Schools Championships

  • National Young Age Group Championships

  • Winter League

  • Midland Veterans League

  • British Masters Championships

  • County Championships

  • Midland Championships

  • Inter-County Championships

  • Inter-Area Championships

  • National Championships

  • Overseas Long Distance Events

  • Overseas National Championships

  • IAAF World Challenge


Sportshall competitions are renowned for their ‘electric atmosphere’ as teams are cheered on by enthusiastic supporters while tackling exciting relay races and challenging field events.

All activity takes place in standard community sports-halls using portable equipment. Sportshall is inclusive and offers age related programmes.

The Sportshall UK Championship programme is a series of Regional events for both the Under 11 age group and Under 13/15 age groups. The events bring the most talented youngsters from each County League programme together to create an exciting culmination to young club athletes winter season.