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Stags Fitness Challenge

March 28th 2020, 2:34:24 pm

Join our fitness challenge and see if you can be top of the leaderboard. Prizes will be given when the Club opens again. Do this as many times as you like and send your results into the Club and we will publish a league table each week.

Plank 2

Keith Holt, one of our coaches has created a fitness challenge for all our members. Complete the challenge and send in your results to the office and you will receive a score based on age and gender.

Each week we will publish a league table and will have prizes for the best scores when the Club reopens. This challenge is open to all our members and we hope everyone will get involved.

The challenge includes seven activitie which are:

1 – Standard Plank**2 – 30m Sprint (3 x 10m turnabouts)**3 – Crunches 4 – Speed Bounce**5 – Standing Long Jump**6 – 100m Sprint (10 x 10m turnabouts)**7 – Press-Ups**Full details can be found hereScoresheet can be found hereWhat equipment do you need?

You will need very little equipment. A stopwatch (you can use your phone), 2 cones or similar and an area of at least 15m of flat firm running (a path or lawn), a soft area for long jump such as a lawn, a piece of tape for speed bounce, a tape measure and finally a parent, partner or sibling to record your results.

The first league table will be published on Friday so good luck and we hope to see how you all get on soon.