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Sad of loss of Life member, Terry Roberts

February 26th 2021, 12:00:00 am

We are saddenned to report the death of our longstanding member, Terry Roberts.

Terry Roberts

Birchfield is saddened by the sudden death of longstanding member Terry Roberts after a short illness at the age of 83.

Terry first came to Birchfield in the early 1980’s to accompany his sons who competed for the Club and like so many of us was persuaded to volunteer. Though his sons moved on he stayed at the Club, qualified as a middle distance coach and also became boys cross country team manager for a number of years, during which the teams were very successful. In addition to this he qualified as a track official specialising in time keeping.

Terry was always a great supporter of Birchfield and could always be found at the road relays even after he had largely retired from the sport. Every Christmas Terry would bring huge armfuls of mistletoe to the club, which helped to raise club funds.

British athletics and clubs in general would not survive without people like Terry Roberts.

Our condolences go to his widow Val and his family.