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Continued sucess in leagues

July 19th 2021, 2:50:00 pm

The last two weeks has seen the seniors in action in Midland League and our youngest athletes competing in the second YDL lower fixture.

YDL Lower


Our second match saw a few more bodies added to the team list, with some of them competing for the first time for the Club.The weather was exceptional and the support from all the Clubs for this meeting was much better than the first match.  The quality of the officials and the good timekeeping of the athletes kept the timetable to time.

We had a fairly strong team and although we didn’t fill every event the Club should be impressed by the athletes coached by Eddie Cockayne who always make themselves available for the teams. A special thanks go to Robyn McDowell who ran a guest 1500m,  a match 5000m and not longer after that ran a leg of the longest relay the 4 x 400m relay.

It is this level of commitment to the Club that resulted in a win and puts the CLub at the top of the league after two matches.


It was one of the hotest days of the year and many on the youngsters had never competed in that level of heat but they all did their best to secure a comfortable win and keep the team at the top of the table.

It was a very stressful run up for team manager, Laura Rock, as so many athletes were isolating so were unavailable to compete. However, many rose to the occaison and did themselves proud and most events were covered. Full results are not yet available but it was great to see these young athletes out competing for their club.